Social Responsibility

We care about the planet.

At TeamOne, we’re proud to say we’ve done a lot of good for the community. In addition to donating money to organizations such as Greenpeace and the American Red Cross, we like to promote eco-friendly causes wherever possible by:

  • Recruiting green-collar workers and graduates of green job training programs.
  • Saving trees by encouraging paperless invoicing, direct deposit and online application and resume submissions from our prospects.
  • Using low-energy lighting and practicing daily recycling at all of our locations.

Furthermore, we “greenify” our candidates by educating them on how to be socially responsible—by partially reimbursing those who take the bus. Ultimately, TeamOne ensures you get enlightened people who possess a basic understanding of how to positively lessen the environmental impact of your business…on the planet.

TeamOneCares Program

“TeamOneCares” is an employee charity program where TeamOne internal and temporary staff volunteer or aid in raising money for a variety of humanitarian efforts including climate change. TeamOne commits a portion of its revenues and time to aid in playing its part as a citizen of the city, state, country, and planet.