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Employees Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Where can I view my paystubs?

A: All current/former employee paystubs are available online at via their personal employee portal 24/7.

Q:When will I get paid for working during weekend March 29th?

A:We are working very hard to get you your final paycheck as soon as possible in this extreme situation.
Please look for an email on Monday for confirmation of your paycheck’s posting date.

Q:What if I am not getting the TeamOne emails?

A:Check your Spam or Junk folders and make sure that TeamOne emails are authorized.
Check your personal employee portal to make sure your contact information is up to date.
If you are still having problems, you can contact us via phone or via contact us page.

Q:What if I have a question about my hours?

A:Make sure you check your hours via the Kronos Workforce Ready application on your phone or online.
If you still have questions, you can email and we will get back to as soon as we can.

Q:Will my sick hours be available when I return to assignment?

A:Yes. All available accrued Paid Sick Leave hours remain available up to 1 calendar year if re-hired.

Q:I won’t be returning to TeamOne and am no longer available for work. What should I do?

A:Please email us via your employee personal portal or through our company website so we can remove you from our Actively Seeking list.
By doing this you will allow someone else who needs the job to be immediately contacted.

Q:When will I receive my W-2 in the mail?

A: All W2’s were mailed starting January 11th and should arrive by January 31st however we cannot guarantee the timing of the US Postal Service.

Q:What if I don’t receive my W-2 in the mail?

A: If you elected to see your W-2 online, then starting January 27th, your W-2 will be available via your Employee Portal. If you have not logged in for a while, you may need to reset your password by clicking on ‘Can’t Access Account’.

Q:How can I get a duplicate copy of my W-2?

A:After February 8th, you can request a duplicate W-2 to be mailed or faxed to you. Download and complete the English form or Spanish form and Email to

Duplicate W-2’s can take 5-7 days for processing and cannot be emailed per Federal law.

Q: Can I pick up my W-2 or Duplicate W-2 in person?

A: For safety reasons, our company does not allow the W-2 to be picked up in person.

Q:How can I change my W-4?

A: Contact your TeamOne representative. A new W-4 will be sent to you via your portal.

Q:How can I apply?

A: or in person Monday-Friday.

Q:What are your hours for applications?

A: Monday-Friday 9am-11am & 1pm-4:30pm.

Q: How do I call in sick?

A: Please call our attendance hotline: 951-616-3706.

Q: How do I replace a lost pay card or check?

A: Contact your TeamOne representative and fill out a replacement form.

Q: How to get copies of my Paystubs?

A: Paystubs are located via your portal under pay history.

Q: Can I reset my web portal account?

A: Contact your TeamOne representative should you need to reset your account.

Q: How do I submit a verification of employment?

A: Fax to corporate office for processing 818-385-1327.

Q: How do I submit a verification of employment?

A: TeamOne uses an online verification service from Equifax. To use:

  • Direct the person seeking verification to
  • Provide your Social Security Number
  • Provide TeamOne’s Employer Code: 116339

Q: When is payday?

A: TeamOne pays weekly, every Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions